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Bye Bye January 30, 2009

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Having this blog is stressful.

After the short time of being hacked, and all the stupid rumors that came from that… what? 1 day? It makes me realize.

Why do we play CP?

Do we want to hide from our real lives?

I have a great “real” life. I’m not going to mess it up for a digital penguin.

Why do you play CP?

To create an image that hides your real self?

I don’t know… I enjoy CP, but I don’t get the point.

You may change my mind, you may not, but you should stop looking up to “popular” or “famous” penguins.

You should stop voting and making competitions for whos the most popular.

You should enjoy CP for what it is, and not to call nonmembers n00bs, and compete for more money by hacking, more clothes, more hits on blogs etc.

Think of what CP has done to us. We have become like… obsessed with the game.

How much time do you spend on the internet? Most if it has to do with CP, right?

I’m just telling you how I feel, and if I quit my blog, you’ll know why.

Here’s the truth: I wanted to make a blog to help penguins, but I also wanted to be more than just some nonmember.

So I think we should STOP with CP blogs.

This game has caused so much sadness, with hacking, and not being popular.

I hope you all visit http://penguinforum.miniclip.com/index.php and register as a member so you can join the official CP forums, and not try to win popularity on a blog.

Please, please tell the truth. Why did you make a blog when you did? I know some of you are stubborn to admit it, but I know a lot of people want to be popular.

And I understand. It’s fun having people look up to you.

But please, please look deep down, and think why you play, and if it’s healthy. Every minute you spend on the computer, trying to make pixels shaped like a penguin become more known, it ruins your “real” life.

I seriously hope your “real” life isn’t all about CP.

Happy Reading,


P.S.  I may return…


talk about traveling~ December 23, 2007

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i havent had 1 day at home in a YEAR!!

I AM RETURNING YAY September 12, 2007

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i am returning!! i am back!! news and glitches on the way!!

so SRY September 12, 2007

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i am sorry i have been traveling alot!!

I AM BACK September 12, 2007

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new game!!!!! June 5, 2007

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picture coming soon!!!
my high score is 304 coins. i will give the tricks soon!!

ok!! May 25, 2007

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sry holagurrl25 for copying but i am desperate!!

It’s my lucky number date!

Ok, the new pin is a Starfish and it’s at the Underground Mines.

The member party is at the Cove! (of course!) I got into the party, but I can’t get the two free items. Here’s how it happened. I had 2 Club Penguin screens openas soon as the one screen got disconnected, I automatically logged in the other one. I tried going into the party, and it worked! I took tons pictures, and tried to get the free items, but as you can see in a picture below, it didn’t work. Then I got disconnected again, and now I can’t even enter the Forest. It was cool while it lasted. Being a member for about 10 minutes, lol.

They moved the Tour Guide Stand to the Ski Village.

The free items for members is the Whistle in the Forest, and the Life Ring at the Cove.

I couldn’t get any of the items. This is what happened:

To get to the Cove just go down the stairs from the Forest.

There were binoculars at the Cove, and you could see some things in them. They’re sort of like the Telescope, but from a different point of water-view. Here are the binoculars:

Here are some things you can see in the binoculars. You may have to wait a little bit.

You can swim at the cove… actually go in the water!

Sorry for all those who couldn’t go to the party because they’re nonmember.

I think there should be a nonmember party, instead of special member parties, lol!

NOTE: Still trying to get 2 pictures on here, but they wont load. Will get them on ASAP!

sry i havent updated!! May 25, 2007

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i am sooooooo sry!! i have been traveling sooooo much like around the globe for some of my tournaments!! sry!! they will be updated now!!

Superguys Back! May 15, 2007

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Hey Penguins I finally came on this site (I forgot about it) anyway I am a admin and I made one whole post but I am back since Jgw310 is keeping up so I will be on here

Waddle on,

i got a new laptop May 11, 2007

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a new laptop, YESSSSSS  now i will be able to be more up-to-date on what is going on in cp.  alright sry i havent been on today!!  i am going on now!!  i will have the new stuff in a min!!