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sooooooooo many more to tell January 13, 2007

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As you might of seen, on the message board, it now says “SLED TESTERS NEEDED ON MONDAY.”, from before, when it said “SLED RACING IS FUN”.

If you found the secret message in the newspaper, you know that the new message on the HQ board, and the hint in the newspaper are oddly similar.


This is the secret message found in the newspaper. The first picture came from lllok’s site, and the second one came from paintboy100’s site.

I’m guessing that the new mission will have to do with Sled Racing.

Can’t wait to see if I’m right!


I know how to:

  •  Nub (Macintosh included)

  •  Walk on Water

  •  Dance with Newspaper

  •  Play Mancala/Find Four while not sitting down at designated space

  •  Walk with newspaper (others can see you, but you can’t see yourself)

  •  Stand at the steps of Ski Lodge without going in

  •  Editing other igloos (3 ways)

  •  Walk on lighthouse walls (2 ways)

  •  Stand next to Gift Shop sign without going to the Snow Forts

  •  Put floor furniture on walls, and wall furniture on floors

  •  Stand anywhere on the boat and dock

  •  Stand under DJ table

  •  Stand in doorway to the Night Club

  •  Type in chatbar while editing password

  •  Stand at the sign near the dock

  •  Stand at the lighthouse door (inside)

  •  Dancing with different clothes (aka the Robot)

  •  Sled on nothing

  •  Walk in the sky

  •  Put wall items sideways

  •  Do a cool glitch with the newspapers in the Boiler Room

  •  Stand at Sport Shop door without going in

  •  Stand at Gift Shop door without going in

  •  Walk on walls in Town

  •  Get stuck in sledding

  •  Multi-task with newspaper

  •  Read newspaper while sledding

  •  Igloo nub

  •  get random messages

  •  Walk past the door at the Ice Rink

  •  Get a new penguin name

  •  Stand at Lighthouse door (outside) without going in

  •  Stand at Pet Shop door without going in

  •  Buying Puffles and puffle supplies in the Plaza

  •  Buying things from the clothing catalog in the Town

  •  Sink through landing pad in Jet Pack

  •  Stand/sit/dance etc. ontop of other people

  •  make yellow boxes appear

  •  Take your puffle playercard with your where ever you go

  •  Always score goal in Ice Rink

  •  Move faster in Sled Racing

  •  Wear different clothes than on your playercard

  •  Go faster or slower in Cart Surfer

  •  have a no named puffle

  •  Put puffle in fire

  •  Do a glitch in the Snow Globe

  •  Walk on the HQ table

  •  Walk on Pizza Parlor door

  •  Stand above the carts in the mines



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