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January 14, 2007

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The party is the most amazing thing ever!

All the snow looks spectacular. D But not as cool as the ginormous tree at the plaza!

The Beacon light is sooo pretty! And you can skate and have hot chocolate at the dock. 8) P

For those Jewish people, there is a Menorah in the Coffee Shop. Also, gingerbread men in the Pizza place! 8O P

Rockhopper’s ship is gone, but he’ll be back in a month! (With more cool new items hopefully!) Check out the telescope to see him leave on his ship… (

The new pin is a Candy Cane, found the Night Club.

 The free items are the White Beard in the Plaza and the Santa Hat at the Snow Forts.

Unfortunately, you can’t see the beard that good, unless you have something to cover up the penguins white tummy. 😳

Places not decorated:

  • Dance Lounge

  • Pet Shop

  • Pool

  • Boiler Room

  • Lighthouse

  • Mines

  • Dojo

  • Gift Shop

  • Book Room

  • Sports Shop

  • Attic

  • Iceberg

  • Agent HQ



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