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January 16, 2007

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CPBC (Club Penguin Broadcasting Company) News

Rockhopper was expected to arrive sometime this week, but recently he has left the view of the horizon from the lighthouse. This indicates he will not be back for a long time. Our best estimate is possibly a storm threw him off course, the reasons are however, unknown. Meteorologists expect that the rough weather beyond our boundaries will be continuing, meaning a long wait before Rockhopper will return.

Meanwhile in Club Penguin, tour guides are expected to be arriving near town. Club Penguin has said in the :”Penguin Times” the local newspaper, that it’s an opputunity for our Newcomers to have a look around their New home. Why did they choose tour guides? Well, it has been said a penguin name unknown, chose giving tours as his New Year’s Resolution. Apparrently, that triggered the idea and it was set into action.

We all know the game Jetpack, which was our second most recent. The goal is to fly and collect coins. Some players have said it is better to avoid the coins, taking you through the best path in the game. Currently it has been a fashion for penguins to ty this phenomenon. Indeed, I hope you do avoid the coins… it’s very difficult to, but the reward is… very great. They have commented on the subject from their sites. That’s all for now



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