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some people said this January 17, 2007

Posted by jgw310 in Uncategorized.

It’s similar to a method I used to use. If were in wide use with a specific method dictionary attacks are possible.

If someone is close enough to see what I type I’d convince them to move. I say this because I had to call security to get someone away from my PC once. They were being an ass about moving away.

I prefer smart cards that have an encryption engine and also require a pin to unlock. For remote applications I’ll take the rolling code devices that require the right code at the right time and a password and login.

My online passwords are completely randomized. I store them in a crypto wallet and don’t really care what they are.

If I felt I needed more security all of my files would be on rewritable removable media and the PC would just be replaceable black box.

this is part of the thing below!! se if u can find it out by a clue, it is my nickname



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