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i know, i know January 19, 2007

Posted by jgw310 in Uncategorized.

i know that this is a repeat of wat is on page 3 but i wunt to make sure people notice it.

I’m going to hold a series of Contests, and this is the first one! It is pretty lame, but the prize is 10,000 CP coins.

To win, you have to advertise for this site, https://clubpen.wordpress.com the most. That means going to other sites, and saying, “Come to …”


1. You can team up. Just remember that if you have a one other partner, you’ll each get 5,000 coins. The prize is 10,000 regardless.

2. To get the coins, you should e-mail me your username and pass after I announce the winner. If you feel uncomfertable giving out this information, don’t enter the contest.

3. When advertising, DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME AS jgw310,Jgw310 ETC., OR THE E-MAIL AS MY OWN. You may put my website on the url, as that will help you win. Also adding my site to your blogroll (if you have one) may help.

The contest starts January 29th, and ends February 29.

Comment below if you want to enter. If you enter, you might want to keep track of the websites you advertised on. Then either comment below, saying what websites you advertised on, or send me an e-mail at Buschstadium310@aol.com, saying what sites you advertised on.

Hope many of you enter! And remember, there will be many more contests to come. I already thought of 2 more after this one!



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