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TODAY!! January 19, 2007

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Me gusta mucho la fiesta!!!

I like the fiesta a lot!

It’s great!

Here are some of my favorite places that are decorated:

Also, putting your cursor over any of the pinatas. That’s a hint to finding the new pin.

The new pin is:


The free item is Maracas at the Dance Club.


Maraca Dance

For at least until the party’s over, I’ll be wearing my Maracas with my Party Hat.

Holagurrl25-Maraca DJ

And I looove the carpets!

Flooring Igloo Catalog

Carpeted Floor

There are some secrets in the catalog…

Secret Stone Deluxe Igloo

Rooms not decorated:

  • Pet Shop
  • Mountain
  • Ski Lodge
  • Attic
  • Dojo
  • Ice Rink
  • Mines
  • Mine shack
  • Sport Shop
  • Boiler Room
  • Pool
  • Book Room
  • Lighthouse
  • Beacon
  • Gift Shop
  • Iceberg
  • Dance Lounge
  • Pet Shop

More later!

this is by holagurrl25  



1. gossipgurl25 - January 20, 2007

From my site….
u no u heart me!

Leader of CPR and SCPS 8)
Visit http://holagurrl25.wordpress.com today!

2. jh999 - January 20, 2007

Yo jgw! If you want pics email me and I will tell you. If you cant make them I will take them for you!
EDITORS COMMENT:ok awsome!! i will do that thanks. will you be an administrator on this blog?

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