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tour guides and puffle furniture!!!!!! January 25, 2007

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The tour guides are comming tomorow! You have to be over 45 days old and you have to take a test. We will post the test answers tomorow. If you pass the test you will get a free tour hat! With this hat others can see that you are a tour guide also with this hat you can do that in the pucture!

Also new puffle furniture will come towmorrow.
There will be a new party called “festival of snow”. The party will start in 9th feb. and will end 23th feb. In this party you can design your own ice sculptue scan it and send it to cp. If cp team thinks your ice sculpture is good they will put it in the game during the “festival of snow” party.


Ok, here’s some data I collected for the Tour Guides.

Members and non-members can become Tour Guides

You have to be a certain age, like for Agents

There is a Tour Guide (Guide) Book

You’ll get an item to show that you’re a Tour Guide

The Tour Guide Booth is in the Plaza (duh)

It will come out this Friday

You will not get paid; it’s voluntarily, at least for now



1. Nimra1998 - October 26, 2007

hey that vid was so cute id like to meet u on clubpenguin my name is 123temari email TemariWind1@gmail.com and i was hoping u could email me a date please please please ill try to meet u

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