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NEW ITEMS February 2, 2007

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this is by me!!

I know the yellow viking hat just came out which is the coolest thing in this catalog (for me anyway), there are black electric guitars but I think the red are better. Theres lots of things in the catalogs. But to find all the secrets, I have them all here!

So do this, click on all of the stars on the star necklace. A red viking helmet will be there. Click on the helmet and You will be able to buy the red viking helmet.

If you want blue or gold, open and close the Red viking helmet 3 times. You’ll be able to buy a blue viking helmet.

ANd the GOLD viking helmet! While the blue is still up, Click on the tiara. You’ll then be able to buy a GOLD Viking helmet!

And the night vision goggles have come out so i think if your not an agent you can still buy them for $1000. Just click on the Snow Shoes.

And last but not least, the newspaper hat which I’m sorry to say, a lot of people liked it a lot and its a little too popular. But anyway, just click on the top part of the backpack to get it.

In other news, ROCKHOPPER’S SHIP IS SINKING! Here is a picture.

And the new pin is in the cave in the middle of the pool.

Did I miss any news? Just tell me and I’ll put it up. ;)





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