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Rockhopper (again) February 3, 2007

Posted by jgw310 in Uncategorized.

i know wat is going to happen cuz i AM ROCKHOPPER!!!!  ITS GONNA BE COOL I PROMISE!!!!

Hello Penguins,
I just Figured out why Rockhopper’s Return was Late! His Ship Crashed! If you Check the Beacon Telescope his Ship has been Shreaded and I have a Clue Why. Remember the Christmas Party? He said he would leave Before the Tough Weather comes in. Maybe he was too Late and a Blizzard came and Hit him. I Hope Yarr and Rockhopper are OK! I think he wont be Bringing much things and he will Ask us to go to his Island on the Map to Collect some things, I think that could be the New Mission! But I Hope theyre Fine. You know what would be Cool? If the Ship was Empty and and there was a Note in a Bottle saying to come get them at Rockhopper Island, that could also be a Mission. but I Doubt it because a Ship cant Sail Itself all the way to Clubpenguin without a Captain. Heres a Picture: broken-ship.JPG

In other News, we need more Uncle Arctic E-mails Coming in! So far we Only have 2! Until then…..



1. doni - February 10, 2007

what is Rockhoppers password because it says you were Rockhopper

2. jgw310 - February 11, 2007

oui i dont know if i will tell!!

3. Ginicwa - February 17, 2007

rockhoppers password is pirateship

4. Blake - August 5, 2007


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