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EXPIRED (temporary) ITEMS February 19, 2007

Posted by jgw310 in Uncategorized.
To get items that are gona and other things ( this will stopp them from asking if the elctric guitar is coming back Gg25 ;)1. go to this website www.savefile.com/files/75456
2. go down and click download
3. then wait
4.just say yes if anything pops up
5.CPTrainer2 will pop up and double click the CPTrainer2
6.it will take you to play club penguin
7. don’t do anything! But go to the top left corner and click CP Hacks
8.go to game, then player and then Avatar Hacks
9. then click head item
10. then put in these numbers 407
11.click OK and Wallah!! you got a propeller cap….(log in and then you’ll see it

look below for more items!

427-bunny hat
407-propellor cap
409-graduation cap
233-electric guitar
442- you turn into ROCKHOPPER
425-St.Patricks day hat
325-Water wings
238-cool coat
103- 3D glasses

Thats all i got

for some items you might have to click body or face instead of head or else it won’t work.




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