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Money Deals (i know Gg25 posted this, its the sam thing from a different person) February 19, 2007

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Ok, my money getting buisness is going very good. Here are the rules I have established;


  • Get all the Colors, Backgrounds, the recent pin, medals/letters, and becoming a Tour Guide and an Agent
  • Will get about 10,000 coins when I’m done with the account
  • Will not be remembered, but if needs more money, can resend account info. for more


  • Get same things as Nonmembers, but will get clothes and flags
  • Will be remembered for furthor money-getting in the future, unless changes pass without telling me
  • Will replenish coin total to around 10000 ASAP, if under

Obviously, you can specify if you want the clothes or not, pins, etc.

I have decided to make a starter package for members. Nonmember, since I’m only doing their account once (will not remember), will get everything, unless asked not to get something.

Package 1:

  • Around 15000 coins end total

Package 2:

  • All things in Clothing Catalog not bought
  • Around 10000 coins end total

Package 3:

  • Any 5 items in current catalogs can get (Includes ALL catalogs, except if you want an igloo upgrade, you only get 1 other catalog item)
  • Around 10000 coins end total


  • List 7 furniture items not in catalog, and Pink Hoodie optional (with Pink Hoodie, you only get 6 furniture items)
  • Around 10000 coins end total

To get one of these Packages, e-mail me at Buschstadium310@hotmail.com with the “Package _” as the subject, with your username, password, Package number, and other specifications, OR, put the same info. on a comment, which will GUARENTEED not be seen by public. If you make a comment, I will change the password ON THE SITE (not on your penguin), so no one bans you.

So far, no one I have helped has been banned by me. Ask others if you don’t believe me, and you don’t have to trust me if you don’t want to.

Note that I will not e-mail you if you make a comment telling me that you’ll give me your account info. if I e-mail you. I’d love to get to know all the people I help better, but I’m simply to busy for that.

You may do multiple packages, but I will be doing accounts from new “customers” first.

And if you are already rich, and just need a couple thousand (COUPLE!), e-mail me, and I’ll try to help you.

NOTICE: If you want me to re-help you (help your account again) specifially, please don’t just say, “I want the new upgrade.” Please tell me your user, because I didn’t memorize the e-mail addresses with the penguin username.

And don’t complain. Getting any help at all is better than none.

Sorry for making you read all this, and if you have any other Package ideas, feel free to share them.



1. Thelaw13 - February 21, 2007

Yay! First comment! You copyrighted from GG25!

2. Squishy133 - February 23, 2007

thats is lame, u just wish u were as cool as her!

3. jgw310 - February 23, 2007

no notice at the top it says, “posted by gossipgurrl25”

4. egg246 - March 3, 2007

Did you ask???

5. matt - March 8, 2007

does anyone want to share a members account with me. I wont get it banned i swear. send the username and password to matthewrox123@yahoo.com

6. tim234 - March 12, 2007

my ass

7. bunnyboo1702 - April 18, 2007

Hey you peeps want a free account??? For free and I know one of the moderators on cp! I know all of the cheats including hints! Anything you need to know just email me at star.no.1@hotmail.co.uk or weeamymc@yahoo.com, Also here is a few accounts…

Username: Savire, Password: horses
Username: xweeshovex, Password: princess
Username: Robby2502, Password: abbie

and I can tell you sumthin they are not banned and I am not a hacker! If you don trust me then fine it’s okay!

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