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icy fresh 2 March 14, 2007

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There is a section on the “Icy Fresh 2 Incident”, and 8 Tadbits! Read them all!

By now, most of you have probably heard of the “Icy Fresh 2 Incident”.

It includes:

1. Icy Fresh 2 getting banned forever. He gave out his pass to Dapryn, and blamed Dapryn, saying things like “I thought you were my friend!” Icy desperately tried to get many penguins to e-mail CP Support, to get him unbanned, but to no avail.

2. Dapryn’s site gets mysteriously changed. It seems Icy Fresh 2 got on it, and deleted all the posts, pages, and other info. like the About info. and the name of the blog. Icy only left one post, that was named “You banned my penguin, so I’m going to wreck your site!” or something like that.

3. All over the place (especially in Icy’s blog) people are commenting about how bad Dapryn is. Dapryn desperately says that 1fiddy banned Icy. I actually believed him, but didn’t really say anything, because even though he might of been innocent, he was rude, and swore a lot.

4. Icy’s blog got messed up. A lot of things were deleted. Comments about how rude Dapryn was for messing up Icy’s site (which he did) were at Icy’s site.

5. Many new admins were allowed on Icy’s site. Icy hadn’t posted. Icy practically disappeared.

6. 1fiddy ruined Icy’s site, again. Now everyone knows that 1fiddy banned Icy, not Dapryn. Dapryn, and other admins for Icy’s site are no longer admins anymore, and Dapryn’s site is returned back to normal.

7. Dendo Guy hacked into the site, and made a small post, saying how upset he was, and saying that he would delete the blog, unless someone convinced him not to. Obviously, no one convinced him, and now Icy’s blog is gone forever. (

Other Tadbits:

Tadbit 1:

I made a new penguin!

It’s called The Gg25, because gossipgurl25, gg25, and many other variations of gg25 were taken. So look for me!

I’ll be editing my about Holagurrl25 page and add The Gg25 soon!

Tadbit 2:

According to Bluie, and RRC, the war was supposed to take place on Friday, the 15th, at 7 pm ET. A couple of loyal CPR members came, to find 2 soldiers (from the RRC) there. No BBC members were spotted. The CPR and RRC threw snowballs around, then I started saying how everything was stupid, and was bashing the RRC soldiers.

The fighting basically stopped, except that the RRC soldiers kept on foolishly throwing snowballs, and bothering me and another CPR member.

The RRC declared that they won, although they couldn’t have, since BBC wasn’t there.

I got a message from Bluie, saying that the war is supposed to be on Saturday.

Now correct me if I’m wrong. It said CLEARLY on Bluie’s and RRC’s site, that it was supposed to be on FRIDAY.

Tadbit 3:

Do you like my new meebo? It’s really fun to chat with all of you guys. Just remember to rename yourself, please!

Tadbit 4:

Have you heard about the mysterious banning that’s going around? I heard many mods were banned. And I know for a fact that Gizmo’s password is anything.

Tadbit 5:

Has anyone seen Rockhopper lately?

And when is he going to leave?

I mean, I enjoy having him here, but I want more free (and rare member) items! ;) (The sooner he leaves, the sooner I get more stuff!)

Tadbit 6:

When is the scoreboards in the Ice Rink ever going to be back?

Tadbit 7:

The Electric Guitar WILL come back! Just now for a couple of months! (2 at the least)

So stop asking!

Tadbit 8:

I’m on the verge of getting screenshots and other pics I edited myself on the web. I’m pretty sure they’ll be in the “CP Pics” page around or before New Years!

u no u heart me!



1. matt - March 8, 2007

does anyone want to share a members account with me. I wont get it banned i swear. send the username and password to matthewrox123@yahoo.com

2. ruby299 - March 16, 2007

witch server will the war be in the more cool guys i come

3. Billybob - March 18, 2007

1 comment about icyfresh2: i saw a penguin named ”Ryanyourpal” in mammoth server i cant remember when. they said that they were ”icyfresh2” on a new account. that seemed very strange if u ask me.

ps. im not really Billybob. i cant say my real pengu name.

4. ashley tisdale is my idol! - April 8, 2007

any one on to talk too

5. rockhopperisback - April 9, 2007

yeah so i have a penguin and i have diffrent acconts just in case i get banned forever duh.

6. Orangeboy708 - April 17, 2007

DANG U 1FIDDY!!!!!! IF I SEE U ULL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and ill get my secret Acc so u wont notesne)

7. Orangeboy708 - April 17, 2007

aslo i have another enemy if u see Andybaxter be hes buddy for a while to spy on him (he almost Banned me)

8. Cutiepetuti6 - April 19, 2007

Trey too find the I in the !thankyou! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

9. vanilla3452 - April 27, 2007

Hi guys!!WAnna share a member account with me??? i will get u over 16000 coins! i did that on my other account that got hacked.i swear to god i wont tell any one the password or bann it!! PLease send ur member account and password to tamagotchigurl@sbcglobal.net iwill get u TONS of coins and every item in the catalogue so once again send ur member account & password to tamagotchigurl@sbcglobal.net

10. BillyBob - May 9, 2007

if you give me icyfreshes real password i can unban it if you dont believeme fine

11. jackyblog - May 12, 2007

Icy Fresh your sister told me your password

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