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Gossipgurrls cheats by gossipgurrl April 12, 2007

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Here are some cheats.

Thin Ice Secret

Put your cursor over, or click the items:

Bumping Shop Speaker Candle Puffed Out Ring! Blinking Black, Red on Stump Fish Red Puffle Jumping   Puffle Box Ch-Ching! Book

Jumping Tubes  Rocking HorseSand Castle steps

As you all know, Ninjas are a big rumor on CP. This picture is from the CP homesite, because ninjas were in Penguin Chat. They do not exist yet.


There are tons of outfits on the CP homepage, when you click the penguin. This one is one of my favorites.

There are 432 possible outfits that each of the four colors of penguin can wear on the homepage.

Outfits on Homepage

The secret ’smore recipe. I still have it!

Smore's recipe

It is true… Penguin’s can’t fly…. unless they have a jetpack, of course.

Newspaper Ski Secret

Keyboard Shortcuts

Agent message

Special Dances

Blue Viking Helmet


This only works if a room is full, but here is a money cheat I found.  First get a bunch of coins and then make sure there is a room full. Then buy anything you want. Then stay in your igloo and go to the place where it is full and you will go back in your igloo. Next, send somebody mail then log off and log back on and none of your money is wasted and you will have the stuff you bought.  It will NOT work if u do not use go to the full room. Also, I don’t Know if it will work with clothes it usually work for igloos. So just experiment with cheaper stuff, to see if it works, because it may not work all the time.

”Found out by, Paingey47” 

Have two computers, and both log into the same account. One person stay at the flag selection screen, and the other log in and buy something. Then the person who bought something logs out, and the person at the flag screen choose a server. You should have the item, and no money lost.

  There’s some typical ones…

  • On the spy phone, the red light is flashing “You are cool” in morse code.

  • Answers to the spy quiz:

    1. Honest
    2. Being mean or rude
    3. Report them
    4. Saying their address
    5. I want to keep club penguin safe
    6. I want to help other penguins

Talk in a non-talking server:

Click the ? button on your chatbar, and click the checkbox that has Ultimate Safe-Chat. As soon as you move to another room, you can chat.

More later, really busy. Any good ones? Any ones you want? Tell me!

u no u heart me!


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