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MORE FROM HOLAGURRL25!! April 12, 2007

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This was origonally created by Baltahsar, and I edited it to what I think is best.

Map of Games

Cart Surfer

Cart  Surfer

On turns, use the down arrow, left/right key for grinds. Make them longer or shorter for more or less points.

Here’s an example on how to die. This is dying on the second turn: http://s86.photobucket.com/albums/k1…nt=movie13.flv


Originally Posted by Mark892

!How to get alot of coins in a quick and fun way!

Ok first i reccomend that you only do this with cart surfer otherwise you will be playing CP until you die.

Ok play cart surfer a few times untill you get to a goal number of coins you want a good goal is 1000, 5000, or even 10000 coins. You will find it alot easier to get these coins if you set a goal for your self. For example when i do this i set my goal for future cattalouge items. But another good goal would be to buy alot of dance floors or 5 big screen TVs.

1. Play cart surfer until you reach your choses goal of coins.
2. Do this every day and always get your goal amount (or pretty darn close) you will notice your coin amount will be growing bigger slowly but surely.
3. Make sure you do this every day if your goal is to get alot of coins. I find that if you stop the habit tends to wourk the way out of your system.
4. Once you do actually get the amount of coins you aimed for i reccomend you dont waste it all on what your goal was. Think of your goal as just a motivator.
5. The first time i did this i got up to 50,000 coins (right before i stopped doing it)!

Happy Coin Hunting

The most coins I’ve ever gotten is 546. This is one of the best games to play for coins.


The main trick is to rest your mouse over the sauces and wait until the order comes up.

Always put on the ingrediants in order. Don’t go from marshmallows to the sprinkles.


SECRET: Most of you are aware, if you click the red lever on the start screen, it allows you to make candy pizzas and gets you more coins

Thin Ice

Thin Ice is all about strategy. It seems simple to defeat, but it’s also simple to mess up. One false move, and the game is over with.

Here is a walkthrough video that shows you every level:

Here are levels 1-8 done out for you:LEVELS 1, 2, and 3:
LEVELS 4 ,5, and 6:

LEVELS 7 and 8:


And remember the secret money bags on Level 19. (You’ll have to enter from the opening and navigate yourself to the circle before you can see the money bags.)

Thin Ice Secret    Thin Ice Secret

 Astro Barrier

Always start with the ones on top if you can,  then work your way down. And always hit the blue ones first if you can too for that extra life.

Astro Barrier example levels



LEVEL 10 (different one):  http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k104/balthasar987/ab13.jpg

LEVEL 11:  http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k104/balthasar987/ab14.jpg

LEVEL 11 (other part):  http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k104/balthasar987/ab15.jpg

  • At the beginning of Astro Barrier, press 1 to go to level 10, 2 to go to level 20, and press 3 to go to level 30.
  • When on the learning screen on level 11, wait 30  seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it, and you’ll be sent to the secret levels.
  • When on the learning screen 30 (about the turret), wait around 30 seconds (maybe a minute) for another blue ship to appear. Use the turret to hit the blue ship to be sent to the Expert Levels.

Ballistic Biscuit


  • Don’t try to jump over everything by moving your mouse across the screen, you will only lose a life.

  • Be patient, the game only goes faster as it progresses. Don’t try to jump over everything when the game gets fast, or you might land on something.

  • If you lose a life, immediately move your penguin to the side to avoid getting hit and losing another life.

  • Try not to jump moving objects (sharks, ducks) when the game gets fast, or you might land on them

  • NO, you CANNOT get to Rockhopper’s Island if you beat level 25.

I’d also like to mention that this game take a lot of practice and skill with your mouse. It’s not easy to master this game in one day. But if you’re good and willing to spend the time, the payout is quite decent.

Jet Pack


  •  If you defeat the game without getting any coins (or having any left over fuel when landing on the landing pads), you’ll win 1,000 coins

  • You don’t have to get every single coin. Always make sure your gas is good before you get coins.

  • On the last level, when you’re going down, don’t use gas by pressing the down key and steering.

  • The most amount of coins you can win (not including the 1,000 thing) is 567.

  • The color of your penguin doesn’t effect the game.

  • It is possible to get the 1,000 prize.

  • There are extra lives in each level except the first one

Puffle Round-Up

This game is a simple way to get coins. The goal is to get all the puffles in the pen by herding them with your curser. The faster you go, the more coins you get.


  • Get in the faster-moving puffles in first (Green, Purple, and Black), then the slower ones (Blue and Pink)
  • The faster ones are more effected to your curser
  • The faster ones can escape the pen (I know, so unfair!)
  • The most coins I’ve gotten in one round is 52, so if you just keep playing, you can get a lot of coins. You just need a lot of time. ;)

Bean Counters

 And easy and fun game that has a pretty good payout. (around 400)

You have to grab the bags of coffee, and place them for the Coffee Shop.


  • The most bags you can hold at a time is 5.
  • Each level has a certain amount of bags needed. Level 1 needs 20. So when you’ve placed 9 bags, get 5 in your hands then place them. You’d loaded 24 bags, getting you extra coins.
  • The anvil comes in level 2, the fish in level 3, and the flower post in level 4.
  • The anvil lands close to the truck, the fish lands around where you drop your bags of coffee off, and the flower pot lands between the fish and the anvil, right in the middle of the playing screen.

 Hope this can help you get some more coins faster and easier!

Any comments or suggestions, please comment below.

And you heard it here first… I might be doing some sort of money prize thing in the future for some penguins… not as much as packages, but better than nothing! ;)

u no u heart me!


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1. kristal - May 5, 2007

i want 5974202 coins please put a cheat to get that many coins

2. Hope84 - August 11, 2007

Tell me if you need advice on mission four i beat it

3. playable games online - November 10, 2008

playable games online…

Thank goodness for horrendous……

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