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i am going to make a couple of supporters admins!! May 1, 2007

Posted by jgw310 in Uncategorized.

i already have 1, bluesled i welcome you. you are goign to be an admin on my blog!! you are very supportive and commenting alot. congrats!!
also if u want to be like blue sled, and become an admin, make signs and post them on your blogs!! i will make a couple if u dont know how to make them.
good luck!!



1. katiemay820 - May 4, 2007

whats up i am mad bc my friend told me that there is a multi colored puffle ony for members and i can not find it can someone please help me

2. katiemay820 - May 4, 2007

its me again is someone going to help me or what help me please

3. gorlackers - May 14, 2007

i would ooowwwnnnn!!! as suporter admin i have almost 42,00 views cause mr pinto is helping me out alot btw go to his site its beast im a supportadmin email me if you wanna be support admin at mr pinto’s site kidsportscenter.wordpress.com my eamil is jackiesqb@yahoo.com or IM me at purplehaze1729@aol.com

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