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I am always on icebreaker server i wear a suede jacket with those squigly lines and some big winter boots. I wear a blue viking helmet and ski goggles. if you yell out “hey Jgw310″i’ll notice you. I don’t like hackers or spammers one bit and they are not permitted to go on this site after they read this. If they hack someone on this site then i am not responsable for it but i WILL help with the problem (a little). And please no swears or inapropriate language on this site. I will delete the comment or the swear. Saying someone is lying is aloud though. And my last thing to say is stop advertising on my site. Because your making me delete like 300 comments a day or hour. Im not saying that your site is bad but i would like it if we could stop commenting just about YOUR site. If you advertise your site in the end of a comment like holagurrl25 does, thats fine. Just no commenting to go to your site.

your loyal and honest friend,



I love girls, running, and my friends and family.

I HATE copycatters, spammers, and hackers.

Info. on my penguin, jgw310 on the About jgw310 page.

If you want to e-mail me, e-mail me at Buschstadium310@aol.com OR Buschstadium310@hotmail.com

I’ll try to reply to all of your e-mails ASAP.



1. jgw310 - January 24, 2007

hello all its me jgw310 the author of all this, i am BORED NO ONE IS COMMENTING AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING

2. gorlackers - January 27, 2007

sweeeeeet! i get my own lil’ section on ur side thing w/e its called, awesome! and btw, thx 4 doing that!

yo! 8)
~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉
EDITORS COMMENT:no prob my pleasure!!

3. mr pinto - January 28, 2007

comment #3 yey

4. mr pinto - January 28, 2007


5. doni - February 10, 2007


6. freeze602 - February 25, 2007

check out my site! its awesome! its http://freeze602.wordpress.com !
editors comment:well, ordinarilly i would spam it cuz it has a link, but i think i like u so i am not going to!!

7. agentclunkt - March 3, 2007

hey jg how old are u?

8. Blue Sled - March 5, 2007

Hello jgy310,

I was wondering how did you make a website?

your fan,

Blue Sled

9. Blue Sled - March 5, 2007

HEY gossipgurl25 YOU DONT TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!

10. Blue Sled - March 5, 2007


11. Blue Sled - March 5, 2007


12. tim234 - March 14, 2007

yo man

13. Blue Sled - March 19, 2007


14. cheatsandmore - April 4, 2007

If you want a site with clubpenguin cheats and more go to http://www.cheatsandmore.wordpress.com.

Brought to you by:

15. black momo - April 7, 2007

i love club penguin baby and your the best penguins go and rule the world ya go go go penguins

16. black momo - April 7, 2007

no my penguin friend likes somthing els

17. Billybob - April 9, 2007

You heard him gossipgurl NO swearing!!!!!! I dont know why you are on this planet! you are just PLAIN OLD MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Billybob - April 9, 2007

Oh i am so sorry i am not billybob i just typed that for a different site and it stayed on there so sorry.Im lilguy574!

19. gossipgurl25 - April 27, 2007


20. skeebz25 - May 10, 2007

Hi i am Skeebz25. Have you ever got banned? I got banned once beacuse 1Fiddy hacked my account. It is not fare! I changed my password though so he couldn’t get on to my account anymore. I dont know how he figured out my pass it is unusal. LOL Ok thanks!
Write back if you can. Thnx! Bye


21. BunnyGirlX - May 12, 2007

same happened wiv me coz ma name is Nikki and this grl called Flopsie Flop keeps hacking mi acont and now shes started on ma best friend Gabbriela ( c.p Puppygirrlx yes she copyied me !) so if u see some one called Flopsie Flop plz report her

XxX BuNnY lOvEr XxX

22. Potatoes and leaves - May 13, 2007

user:breakin news

Do anything bad
Just don’t ban him or take away his membership cuz then it won’t be fun anymore

P.S.The Naked Brothers Band SUCKS!!!

23. Bunnygirlx - May 24, 2007

m y b-day 2morrow cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24. my name on cp is roxy990 - May 29, 2007

my bday was may 25th 2 yayy twins

25. james 69 - July 14, 2007
26. kagomey - July 22, 2007
27. sj the king - September 4, 2007

Guess what? i got 634 coins on cart surfer!

Beat that!

also you can go on my penguin,

username; cjmims5
password; learn

28. sj the king - September 4, 2007


29. gamemaster355 - September 8, 2007

😎 😉 😦 🙂
if u want to tell me more emotes,
go to http://www.gamemaster355.wordpress.com

thanx ppl

30. gamemaster355 - September 8, 2007


i just lost my intrest in clubpenguin 😦 !!!!!!


31. gamemaster355 - September 11, 2007

🙂 😦 😀 :mrgreen: 😉 😎 ❗

32. gamemaster355 - September 11, 2007


33. Cheese ball - October 25, 2007

i like cheese and spaghetti pie.Cheese cheese I like cheese.
I like cheese,you like cheese, we all like cheese together.

34. GoneGon - October 25, 2007


35. hjkhujhu - January 20, 2008

dfvvbazhjdgbsjkvhbv jdshfj dbxnjfvujiajngmhsjkbghjcxgfjsz ,mbv jklxcnvjmxdc bhjvfkvbxufjdgbvujk,bn fjkv,bnujk nf bnmdfb vjkfdngijkhjszkbvhjmnfdhbjfd fj nbjkfdnifjbdljboifdugijufyihbhbn

36. abestfriend - March 21, 2008

Hey,Yo.Can you visit my site?



37. Paige - March 23, 2008

hi im new on this site so wheres the cheats and glitches area!?!

38. turnpipe - April 6, 2009

hey yall i’m sweet sister artic

39. turnpipe - April 6, 2009

shut your yap

40. Rockstarsweetie - May 19, 2009

Yeah where is the cheats and glitches?

41. peachy0ne - November 25, 2009

http://wordpress.com/Pechy0ne try it,enter this weeks contest

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